Родословная Coonvill’s Pulkeria


                                     PEDIGREE SERTIFICATE     Coonvill’s Pulkeria
Ch.(WCF) Russi MysticGrizzly Ch.(WCF, TICA) Norsycat Simon E.Ch.(WCF), QGC (TICA) Catnoox Just A Maranello of Norsycat Ch. SunderCat Tom O’Melly of Catnoox
Lachtetals KylieColorMeBad of Catnoox
Norsycat Mauszi GECh, QGC Timaracoon’s Clayton of Norsycat
Canpaza’s Emotion of Norsycat
Russi Mystic Charles’s Wain SGC (TICA), G.I.Ch.(WCF) Conan Artcoon*RU Ch. K’Top Cun Alwaro
Bella Donna Silvi-Cola*PL
E.Ch. (WCF) DenebolaKocurro*PL E.Ch. Auron Silvi-Cola*PL
Ch. Dixi Duch Jompi*PL
Ch.Hillbilly Cat’s Haliotis Coonvill   G.I.Ch. (WCF),QGC (TICA) Coonvill Absolut Bonifatciy E.Ch. Sacred Spirit’s Diomedes Ch(N) Tojo Polaris Patrick Hernandez
Sacred Spirit’s Chumana
Ch. RusFairyTail Solar Wind E.Ch(WCF),QGC(TICA) Alligator Red Perfect Cat of RusFairyTail
W.Ch(WCF)Moscow Star’s Victory of RusFairyTail
Hillbilly Cat’s Diamanta Ch. WCF Alwaro Winfield I.Ch. Wytopitlock H’Bono Madox (DK)
Alwaro Victoria
Ch(WCF) CoolMotion’s Gina Ginelli Pillowtalk’s Dandy
Timaracoon’s Look at Me