Родословная Coonvill’s Unona

                                          PEDIGREE SERTIFICATE    Coonvill’s Unona
Ch. ElfforestFrealaf Hildeson

Elfforest Anoriel Prince Artcoon INT CH M’Tom Horn Alwaro
Bona Artcoon
Bajuncat’s Vika/WC QGC BigBrother Perfect Cat
GRC Bajuncat Vo Polli Bevlozka
Amber Mur House/ID Beyrouth King Ch. Table Dancer of Black Youcon Cats
Diana of Beyruth/F1
Ch. Homelinx Bastinda Alwaro Maverick of Homelynx
Alwaro Polenna of Homelynx
G.I.Ch. Rus Fairy Tail Nicole G.I.Ch. Alligator Red Perfect Cat of Rus Fairy Tail G.E.Ch. PL*Silvi-Cola’sElectric Light of Perfect Cat I.Ch. (N) Arctic Coon’s Red Hot Chilli Pepper
G.I.Ch. FIN*Escape’s Hermione
G.I.Ch. J.W. PL*BabetteTop Coon of Perfect Cat G.I.Ch. J.W. PL*Asterion Cat Cabaret
G.I.Ch. PL*Wiktoria Alwaro
Rus Fairy Tail Julia G.I.Ch. Rus Fairy Tail Dastin W.Ch. WCF-Master Moscow Star’s Cher-Khan
G.E.Ch. Moscow Star’s Victory
G.I.Ch. Rus Fairy Tail Elizabeth W.Ch. Britches Seminole Chief
G.E.Ch. Moscow Star’s Victory